The Cloud in a BoxPurpose Built for Edge Computing

Aparna Systems is pioneering the Cloud-in-a-Box through the ultra-convergence of compute, storage and networking resources in a compact, energy-efficient and open software system. The Aparna µCloud™ 4015 is a high-density, high-performance, and highly availability, scalable and composable system for workloads ranging from Edge Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Hybrid Cloud Gateways and NFV. The µCloud™ 4015 is designed to be deployed in non-data-center environments that have operating temperature and harsher conditions than data centers such as ROBO locations, Factory floors and Central Offices.

The µCloud 4015 Open Edge System

  • The µCloud™ 4015 system supports up to 15 µServers in a 4U High availability chassis.
  • Multiple models of µServers with 8, 12 or 16-core Xeon CPUs, up to 128 GB of DDR RAM and optional dual SATA or NVMe SSD storage
  • Workload Composable for Hybrid Cloud Gateways, Edge Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Network Function Virtualization.
  • Support for bare metal, containerized and/or virtualized server clusters for single- and multi-application environments
  • High performance, high availability design with non-blocking system-level throughput
  • Low total cost of ownership with its disruptive reductions in CapEx and OpEx, setting a new price/performance standard for the industry

"Aparna’s open software architecture and support for ONIE [Open Network Install Environment] make the µCloud system an ideal platform for our OcNOS software."

Atsushi OgataPresident and CEO at IP Infusion

"Aparna’s Cloud-in-a-Box has the potential to be a real game-changer in a variety of applications, particularly at the edge of the network where organizations have struggled to find a practical and affordable way to deploy adequate resources."

Michael HowardSenior research director and advisor for Carrier Networks at IHS Markit

"The industry has adopted a cloud-first strategy, and the expansion of cloud to the edge of the communication service provider infrastructure favors a compact system like Aparna’s Cloud-in-a-Box."

Lee DoylePrincipal Analyst at Doyle Research

"Our network performance analytics platform requires us to detect problems and identify root causes in real-time, and Aparna’s Cloud-in-a-Box enables us to do that in a self-contained system with a remarkably small footprint."

Dr. Charles BarryCo-founder and chief technical officer at Jolata

"The Aparna Systems platform is extremely well-positioned and well-timed to capitalize on the enormous growth expected in the virtualization of network functions and services in a distributed cloud architecture."

Jim MetzlerPrincipal Analyst at Ashton, Metzler & Associates

Press Release

Aparna Systems Emerges from Stealth Mode to Announce the Industry’s First Open Software “Cloud-In-a-Box” Solution

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