The Cloud in a BoxPurpose Built for Edge Computing

The deployment of Cloud Native applications has resulted in significant challenges for Enterprise and Service Provider Operations (IT) organizations. Most Virtual Application software was developed for deployment in Data Centers and assumed that the Virtualized Applications are deployed on preexisting Server/Network Infrastructure.

Virtualized Applications for both Enterprise & Service Provider network infrastructure functions such Firewalls, vCCAP, vFTTH, vBNG, etc. offer the significant reduction in costs, but require a high-performance feature rich network infrastructure in support of the Virtual Functions (VF). These require a high-performance feature rich network infrastructure in support of the Virtual Functions deployed on COTS servers. Additionally, these VNF’s are deployed in non-data center locations such as Headends, Central Offices, COLO, ROBO and Manufacturing floors which, for the most part are green field installations and lack onsite skilled IT resources to build and deploy the Network Infrastructure.

Aparna Systems is pioneering a composable “Edge Cloud Infrastructure” through the ultra-convergence of compute, storage and networking resources in compact, energy-efficient and open software appliances. The Aparna μCloud Appliance’s embedded Network Operating Systems supports feature rich networking stack (L2/L3/MPLS), enabling an “Virtual Function Ready” Plug & Play appliance.

The µCloud 4015 Open Edge System

  • The µCloud™ 4015 system supports up to 15 µServers in a 4U High availability chassis.
  • Multiple models of µServers with 8, 12 or 16-core Xeon CPUs, up to 128 GB of DDR RAM and optional dual SATA or NVMe SSD storage
  • Workload Composable for Hybrid Cloud Gateways, Edge Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Network Function Virtualization.
  • Support for bare metal, containerized and/or virtualized server clusters for single- and multi-application environments
  • High performance, high availability design with non-blocking system-level throughput
  • Low total cost of ownership with its disruptive reductions in CapEx and OpEx, setting a new price/performance standard for the industry

"Aparna’s open software architecture and support for ONIE [Open Network Install Environment] make the µCloud system an ideal platform for our OcNOS software."

Atsushi OgataPresident and CEO at IP Infusion

"Aparna’s Cloud-in-a-Box has the potential to be a real game-changer in a variety of applications, particularly at the edge of the network where organizations have struggled to find a practical and affordable way to deploy adequate resources."

Michael HowardSenior research director and advisor for Carrier Networks at IHS Markit

"The industry has adopted a cloud-first strategy, and the expansion of cloud to the edge of the communication service provider infrastructure favors a compact system like Aparna’s Cloud-in-a-Box."

Lee DoylePrincipal Analyst at Doyle Research

"Our network performance analytics platform requires us to detect problems and identify root causes in real-time, and Aparna’s Cloud-in-a-Box enables us to do that in a self-contained system with a remarkably small footprint."

Dr. Charles BarryCo-founder and chief technical officer at Jolata

"The Aparna Systems platform is extremely well-positioned and well-timed to capitalize on the enormous growth expected in the virtualization of network functions and services in a distributed cloud architecture."

Jim MetzlerPrincipal Analyst at Ashton, Metzler & Associates

Press Release

Aparna Systems Emerges from Stealth Mode to Announce the Industry’s First Open Software “Cloud-In-a-Box” Solution

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