Aparna System’s Orca µCloud™ and Orca µServer ultra-converged products combine compute, storage and networking (inter-server and uplink) in a compact high performance, high availability system. The architecture employs innovative design techniques for integrating merchant silicon and commercial off-the-shelf components to create an open system that delivers industry-leading high server density and energy efficiency.

Unlike existing “rack and stack” hyper-converged and blade server products that employ subsystem- and/or chassis-level integration, and that are often over-subscribed and require external top of rack switching, Aparna’s ultra-converged system is a self-contained Cloud-in-a-Box purpose-built to maximize performance, and to minimize the need for space, power and cooling. The result is a unique system that offers breakthrough advances in data center density, efficiency and cost-effectiveness with its fault-tolerant, non-stop high-performance design.

Orca µCloud

Orca µCloud systems are available in two models: the 4060 with slots for up to 60 µServers; and the 4015 with slots for up to 15 µServers. Both µCloud systems are packaged in a 4U NEBS-compliant chassis with dual, hot-swappable AC/DC power supplies, and include a GPS clock to support applications that require precise timing, such as time series databases. Both systems are also equipped with dual, hot-swappable active/active switches that deliver 20 Gbps of bandwidth per µServer and an aggregate uplink capacity of 640 Gbps (2 switches x 8 ports at 40 Gbps each). This design is what gives the model 4015 its fully fault-tolerant, non-stop, non-blocking performance. These ultra-converged Cloud-in-a-Box systems bring unprecedented CPU core density (10,000 cores per rack with the 4060), energy efficiency (less than 75 Watts per µServer), and high intra-cluster bandwidth.

Orca µCloud 4060

Orca µCloud 4015

Orca µServers

Orca µServers are available in two models: the Oserv8 with 8 cores, and the Oserv16 with 16 cores. Both µServers are packaged in a hot-swappable cartridge form factor that is about the size of a 3.5-inch hard disk drive. Both utilize Intel Broadwell Xeon processors, DDR RAM and dual SATA or NVMe solid state drives (SSDs). Storage I/O is non-blocking based on its support for both SATA at 12 Gbps (6 Gbps per SSD) and NVMe at 64 Gbps (32 Gbps per SSD), with latencies of 100 microseconds (µs) and 10 µs, respectively.


Orca µCloud and µServer Product Family At-a-Glance

µCloud Model µServer Slots Maximum Cores/Threads Maximum Number SSDs Network Switch Network Uplink Chassis Height
4060 60 960/1920 120 1.2 Tbps 640 Gbps 4U
4015 15 240/480 30 1.2 Tbps 640 Gbps 4U
µServer Model Cores/Threads Clock Speed DDR RAM SSD Interfaces Ethernet Interfaces
Oserv8 8/16 2.1GHz 64GB 2xSATA/NVMe 2x10 Gbps
Oserv16 16/32 1.3GHz 64GB 2xSATA/NVMe 2x10 Gbps

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