As cloud native applications move to the Edge, engineered rack of discrete servers, storage & networking devises are not conducive to the operational, space, power, cooling and other environmental factors of ROBO, Factory, Retail site, Central Offices, Cable Headends etc. These Edge sites require cloud infrastructure that can be supported by remote IT resources and can be scaled & maintained in service by on-site personal.

“Virtual Network Function” Ready Appliance

The Aparna µCloud 4015 “Edge Cloud” is purpose built for non-data center deployments, with a architecture capable of delivering non-blocking performance at industry-leading price/performance. The patented system architecture has been designed for incremental, in-service upgrades of compute, storage and networking elements, enabling continued increases in cluster-wide performance.

The ultra-convergence of compute, storage and network resources for peak performance in a configurable, compact server cluster enables Aparna’s µCloud 4015 system to deliver disruptive savings in capital and operational expenditures for the Cloud Edge.

“Virtual Network Function” Use Cases:

  • High Density Scale Out Firewall Appliance
  • vCCAP
  • vBNG

Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appliance

Aparna Systems is taking edge AI infrastructure to the next level with our GX2 Edge AI Appliance that is purpose-built for edge deployment environments that require systems with compact form factors, extended operating temperature ranges, lower energy consumption, and flexible mounting options to fit in highly constrained spaces.

The Aparna GX2 Edge AI Appliance is designed for low touch, plug-and-play deployment in edge AI applications outside of traditional datacenter in Operational Technology (OT) environments, such as manufacturing floors, network closets, vehicles, offshore oil rigs etc.

Use Cases:

  • Surveillance
  • Retail Automation
  • Manufacturing Quality Control
  • Off Shore Oil Rigs
  • Autonomous Transportation
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)